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Portsmouth Herald article by Rachel Collins 3/24/11
Get Off the Couch: New book tells the story of group of mainly retirees who go hiking.
"Few of those who retired from places like New York City, London, Boston and Washington, D.C., to the small New Hampshire town amidst the White Mountains had ever been on an actual hike in the mountains.
But what is remarkable is that as word spread of the adventures of the loosely joined group that eventually became the Over the Hill Hikers, more and more began spending Tuesdays doing just that. . . . Read the entire article...
Over the Hill Hikers Hiking in any weather.

"Adventure knows no age. 'Over the Hill Hikers: And How They grew...And Grew...and Grew' tells the story of Shirley Elder Lyons and Elizabeth MacGregor as they share their experiences traveling long and far in the paths and wilderness in New Hampshire. The pair of retirees attracted more like them, and Lyons shares her experiences in the group and tells a story of adventure, age, and community. 'Over the Hill Hikers' is a fine read with plenty of wisdom to absorb, highly recommended." — Midwest Book Review

"In the 1980s two score or so men and women, few of whom had known one another, all recently retired, began to hike New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Over the next 20 years the huge stock of social capital they built gave joy and purpose to their retirement years. This graceful, warm book is a great read about the power of hiking to build these enduring, life sustaining and enriching connections."
--   Lew Feldstein, former president of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and an author and lecturer on the concept of social capital and community development.

"Shirley Elder has written Over the Hill Hikers,  which is witty, inspirational and instructive … It relates the fascinating tale of the growth and vitality of an organization without officers, rules, dues or the other accoutrements considered necessary for groups to function … The book is centered on one remarkable woman, my mother, Lib Crooker Bates."
--   Constance Emerson Crooker of Portland, Oregon, lawyer and author of her personal cancer survival, Melanoma Mama, the Story of a Miraculous Second Chance.

"Journalist Shirley Elder Lyons brings her superb reporting skills to this tale. I've hiked with the OTHH since 1992, and she captures perfectly the easygoing nature of the group (even when the going is hard), the companionship that develops on the trail, and the shared satisfaction of reaching a summit."
--   Ruth Doan MacDougall of Sandwich, novelist and coauthor of 50 Hikes in the White Mountains and 50 More Hikes in New Hampshire